Kenya Human Rights Groups Launch "The People's Court"

Kenyan human rights activist Maina Kiai has announced the launching of  a website called “The People’s Court”, which he says is a joint project between AFRICOG and InformAction and “is an attempt to present in public all the evidence around the recent elections.”

The People’s Court, which will be launched tomorrow, April 12 at 10am at the Sarova Stanley Hotel in Nairobi, will be an accountability mechanism on the IEBC and the Supreme Court and will give the public unique access to all evidence filed at the Supreme Court in the presidential election petition, according to the statement from Kiai.

Here is the full statement:

On behalf of InformAction and AfriCOG, I am pleased to invite you to the launch of a website called, "The People's Court" tomorrow Friday April 12, at 10:00am at The Sarova Stanley Hotel.

I am sorry for the incredibly short notice in getting this to you, but I hope that some of you will attend or send representatives to the event as a sign of your support for openness, accountability, and the freedom of expression and information.

The website is a joint project between AfriCOG and InformAction and is an attempt to present in public all the evidence around the recent elections. Some of that is from the cases filed at the Supreme Court, but it will also include material and information from citizens, observers and others. Citizens will be provided a location to post /Number to send text messages in order to submit any information and evidence they gathered so that the complete truth on the recent elections can emerge.

Importantly, The People’s Court will be an accountability mechanism on the IEBC and the Supreme Court. Analysis of the Court's decision will be posted on the website hoping to engender critical and constructive discussions on why they took the decision that they did, in the face of the evidence that will be presented.

The People’s Court gives the public unique access to all the evidence filed at the Supreme Court in the Civil Society petition challenging the election process.

By inviting citizen participation, we aim to make institutions accountable and uphold the high democratic standards of the constitution. We also hope that the website will be used as a forum for debate and opinion, celebrating freedom of expression in Kenya and our vibrant tradition of democracy activism.

Kindly share this with other colleagues who may be interested.

Kind regards,

Maina Kiai
KPTJ Secretariat
Africa Centre for Open Governance
Kabarsiran Avenue, off James Gichuru Road, Lavington
P.O.Box 18157 – 00100 Nairobi
Tel. 0705 142 118/ 0728 787 929


Anthony Ombara's picture
Anthony Ombara

"Though we accepted and moved on"...This is a good opportunity for ensuring accountability, hope the digital government will embrace it. Let Kenyans be the that the supreme court decided to serve the masters.

Anthony Ombara's picture

Why would anyone who respect the rule of law accept and believe anything from Mr Kiai. Kiai is known to have political affiliations. You can not be a human right group leader at the same time do injustice to those you don't agree with politically. Mr. Kiai is alleged to have coerced, coached and paid the ICC witnesses. This is another political stunt. We have had enough of your theatrics.

Anthony Ombara's picture

These are self seeking busy buddies with nothing better to do with their time, of what value is your so called 'people's court' to Kenyans? Kenyans have moved on. I suggest you do the same. Your reputation as a political hack speaks volumes and not many people would take you seriously.

Anthony Ombara's picture

Mr Kiai....get a life

Anthony Ombara's picture
Sam Nyabiosi

Perhaps Mr Kiai has not had of the wikileaks website. If this is an attempt to mirror it, then I think he is going about it the wrong way. I cannot imagine how what he is attempting to create here does not already exist. Ever read the news and commentary columns in most of the major Kenyan newspapers?

But, just to be clear I understand your value proposition... you want to present information that was rejected by the supreme court, and even that which got accepted and then couple it with EVERYONE else's 'evidence' and ideas; YOU then analyze it and present it to US with the express aim of inciting us to write commentary in your website - translating into AD revenue. This is your concept of a peoples court?

With respect to this last election, we have done all of the the above and moved on... your timing is way off on this one. Sorry to dissapoint you buddy!! Lousy Idea, Wrong timing. Try collecting signatures to get ICC to drop their cases... THAT might be a more profitable venture.

Anthony Ombara's picture

well we can fight the truth all we want but should we burry our heads in the sand like an ostrich in line of a charging Rhino the mere fact that you hide doesn't change the fact that a rhino is charging at you. just the same way the evidence out here may not change the fact that we have a president in office but people cannot escape the fact that their office is illegally owned. The same way if anything happens to ali of jicho we dont need a commission of inquiry to line up our key suspect who may not go to jail like the judge who was promissed office as deputy Chief Justice if he looked a side on Saitoti's death verdict. we know and the stories will reach the mama mboga's in their house's who have educated their sons and daughters to be internet interlectual and move to our churches which are tribal, God Forbid, depending on the pastor toungue something I regret to have noticed as true. I love the internet.

Anthony Ombara's picture
Wa Muneni

Kiai really cant be relied upon. He is a self-seeking sycophant who seeks to satisfy his foreign donors who fund his initiatives like this one. You even went to extent of coaching ICC witnesses? Surely Kiai can go to any extent to keep his bread buttered.

Anthony Ombara's picture

GO, We do not want to let the Government take us back to the days of NYAAYO, Tingiza kidole moja. LET KENYANS EXPRESS THEIR OPINION. I am tired of kenyans being GAGGED

Anthony Ombara's picture
peter mulama

We all know that Uhuru is President. But why cant we hear the other side of the story.If we are sure of jubilee win?

Anthony Ombara's picture
Sam Nyabiosi

Nobody supports gagging free speech. Let us however not pretend discourse such as described by Mr Kiai is anything but a platform for gossip. Many of us enjoy gossip, so by all means let him go about with his new initiative. Calling it the People's Court is a joke, and terming contributors input as "evidence" is clearly a continuation of the joke. But we can all enjoy the gossip and it will be interesting to see how creative people can get. For all we know there might even be evidence that the BVR machines worked just fine.

Anthony Ombara's picture

its simply a posting of evidence and the fact that it gives wananchi a chance to send and post their evidence also allows for counter evidence making the mwananchi the that the court threw it out doesnt mean the evidence wasnt credible it just means the evidence could meet the VERY HEAVY BURDEN OF PROOF BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. the court did its part but we the wananchi also have a role to play and the peoples court is giving us a forum. feel free to suggest a better way than telling people to be silent. that is the democratic way.

Anthony Ombara's picture
Sam Nyabiosi

Hilarious...i am in agreement that this will be fun to read...Evidence from wananchi that is proof beyond reasonable doubt!!! Will anyone vet the evidence or is any posting to be considered as legitimate. If the counter-evidence is equally true and legitimate, then who will be the tie-breaker? Mr Kiai of course. He will not only digest all the evidence on our behalf, but also regurgitate it so we don't have to do any thinking or analysis on our own. Sounds like this would work for you, beyond any reasonable doubt!

Anthony Ombara's picture

tHIS IS A GOOD OPPORTUNITY FOR WHOEVER IS LOOKING FOR THE HEALING OF OUR COUNTry. Let me say that I was impressed by the way the CORD LEADERS conducted themselves even when it was obvious that you were undermined from all conners. So as WE wait to know the SAUCE of the election anormalies, we have faith in you. we experienced alot in our rural places but we cast it behind for the sake of the good of all. We are all equal in the presence of our creator so no body should thing is better then the other. WE are eagerly waiting to read the evidences that how you won although whatever happened happened.

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