Kenyan Businessman Chris Kirubi Snubs invite to Meet Obama

Kenyan Businessman Chris Kirubi is among top regional investors invited to meet US President Barack Obama during tour of Tanzania next week.

Kirubi who is also the Chairman of Capital Group Limited has been invited to be part of the business audience for the US President at the Hyatt Regency in Dar es Salaam on Monday.

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However, the astute businessman said he may turn down the invitation owing to the fact that Obama has once again snubbed Kenya in his three-nation African tour.

Kirubi posted on his Facebook page: “After reflecting hard on the invitation by the organisers of Barack Obama’s visit to Africa by passing Kenya, I’m just wondering if I’m any more special than all the other Kenyans. I seriously feel like I can only do what he has done to Kenya.”

He was basing his comments on widespread uproar by Kenyans who were unhappy that Obama was sidestepping Kenya – the homeland of his late father – and going to neighbouring Tanzania, Senegal and South Africa.

“Should I not skip the invitation in solidarity with all Kenyans who have been ignored on his trip to Africa and more so to his ancestral home? Does it make sense going to meet him in other people’s country? I am very proud to be Kenyan and hopefully one day, Barack Obama will also be very proud to have Kenyan roots in his blood,” Kirubi’s Facebook post read.

Stephen Hayes, the President and CEO of Corporate Council on Africa who sent out the invite says Obama will give remarks on trade and investment between the United States and Africa and will also speak on East Africa business relations.

The business audience will be limited to specific regional business leaders.

Before the address, the president will have a closed meeting with about 25 carefully selected American and African CEOs.

Obama leaves Washington on Wednesday June 26, on the first leg of a three nation tour meant to emphasize economic potential and democratic development, in east, south and western sub Saharan Africa.

He will stop first in Senegal, where he will meet President Macky Sall and pay an emotive visit to Goree Island and a museum and memorial to Africans caught up in the slave trade.

Then he will move onto Johannesburg, South Africa on Sunday 30 and the next day in Pretoria to hold talks and a press conference with President Jacob Zuma.

Obama will stay overnight in Johannesburg and Cape Town during his trip, and plans to visit Robben Island, where Mandela was once imprisoned.

The final leg of Obama’s journey will take him to Tanzania, where his program includes talks and a press conference with President Jakaya Kikwete and a visit to the Ubungo power plant.

Obama will also lay a wreath at a memorial to 11 people killed in the US embassy bombing in 1998.

The US president was eagerly expected to visit Kenya but the White House has now explained that the ICC cases facing Kenya’s top leaders are the reason why he will skipping the homeland of his late father.

- Capital FM News

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Kenyan officials need to learn from Russians and China on how to deal with Washington politicians. Just show them that they're not special than any other human beings. Any African politician following Ed Snowden drama can learn from Russians and China, how to deal with Washington "culture" of intimidation.

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Way to go Chris!, we need to be people who stand on principle not to be swayed by these western powers any way they wish.

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Kaa hivyo hivyo! This is a power game BO is playing...... if he needs you that much, let him come to his fatherland!

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George Muraya

Way to go Chris, snub it!

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Pat Kenjuu

I applaud you, Chris, for standing in solidarity with our national leadership and 40 million Kenyans. Snub him! Let him feel the humiliation that we all felt for being snubbed twice. Any self respecting Kenyan who meets with Obama in Senegal, Tanzania, or South Africa is a spineless stooge and a traitor.

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Chris Kirubi was not the only African businessman or woman that was invited to the meeting he is talking about. He is making it sound as if it was a one-on-one meeting. His invitation did not come from Obama himself but his office through the US Embassy. Obama probably does not know who Chris Kirubi is and if he misses the meeting, no one might notice. So let him not make a big deal about it. If he cannot make it for whatever reason, he should be gentleman enough to decline his invitation privately and with class. Seeking public accolades about it is cheap!!!

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@ Gichuiri, I think Chris' reaction is more a matter of principle than anything else. It is good that he is making it public because Kenyans should know better than embracing every invite just because it comes from the leaders of western civilizations that do not care about us but about what they get from us. Our bargaining power is at its best when we are negotiating from home than away......and after all, times that 'they' used to beckon at us with a finger are long gone.....we have alternatives! Show people how you want them to treat you!

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Thanks Chris kirubi, Obama regime to Kenyans is a broken arrow

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Stupid mind.Chris Kirubi stop to poison Kenyans.That is a silly decision.Who said he does not appreciate his origin?Despite what his dad did to him he still values his dad's family.This is not just a family visit.The business people decided this.Stop the rubbish.

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