American Embassy Nairobi and Green Card Lottery

The USA is a nation that prides herself in democracy, the rule of law and the application of the law equally to all. Should one of the laws that govern any specific arm of the government change or is amended, every effort is made to let everyone know about the change thereof. When a service is rendered it is rendered within the law and if there be any refusal, of any kind, it also is within the law. This is also true of all her embassies and consulates around the world. They all work within laws that have been put in place.

However, I'm afraid to say, that has not been so in this particular case that I am writing about. Sometimes the same laws that govern the conduct of government business can be flouted by the very people who should be upholding them as is the case in one green card case scenario at the American Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.

A Kenyan citizen entered the green card lottery also known as the Diversity Visa Program or DV in 2010. In July of last year she was notified that she had been selected as one of those who can pursue their application further. She had to fill some forms with very specific details of herself after which she was to send in the forms together with passport size photos of herself to Kentucky Consular Center. She complied with all the requirements and sent the forms at the end of last year. After a few weeks she received a notification from Kentucky telling her that they were finished processing her case and will be sending her details to the American Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya where they booked her a visa interview appointment.

Before going for the interview, she was required to take a medical examination, get a good conduct certificate from the police and have all her Original documents like school certificates and birth certificate with her when she goes for the interview. She did the medical examination and meticulously got all the documents ready before the interview date.  On the day of the interview she was early as it is required and went through the process. She had her documents verified, her fingerprints were taken and so she was very hopeful. To her disappointment the visa was denied and the reason given was that she did not meet the educational requirement. She had a D plain in her exam and the required minimum grade is a C plain as per what the interviewing officer told her. She was told that the requirement had changed and so they would not issue her the visa. This meant kshs 66,000(for that is what it had costed her to the interview point) went up in smoke.

When I got wind of what had happened, I wrote the Kentucky Consular Center requesting a clarification of what the laws says concerning educational requirement.
They replied as follows: The law creating the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program states: To qualify for a diversity visa you must have either a high school education or its equivalent, or two years of work experience.  A high school education means successful completion of a formal course of elementary and secondary education comparable to completion of a twelve-year course in the United States.

Having read what the law states about educational requirement, I wrote to The Us Embassy Nairobi, Kenya asking them to explain the apparent contradiction of what the law above states and the C plain minimum grade requirement at the US embassy in Kenya. I also asked them to let me know when the law changed and how it could have changed in Nairobi without the knowledge of Kentucky Consular Center. I also wanted to know whether they had notified the Kenyan public so that those who did not meet this requirement should not even bother pursuing the process.

The US embassy Nairobi replied to only two of my emails and in both of those emails they avoided these questions like a plague. They only repeated the same thing twice. She did not meet the requirement and the visa was denied. I wrote the Kentucky consular Center with the same questions and they referred me to the US embassy Nairobi but no one answered any of my questions. This seemed suspicious to me as it would to anyone. They should have been able to give me a clear explanation and answers if there was any change whatsoever. The fact that they took me round in circles while avoiding my questions did not seem right at all and it did not feel very convincing to me.

After my round of emails with the Kentucky Consular Center and the US embassy Nairobi, I have decided to send this email to media houses so that the people out there, who have applied or are in the process, may know that the minimum grade requirement at the US embassy Nairobi, is now a C plain. Don’t waste your time and resources if you have anything lower than a C plain. You might end up spending as much as this Kenyan did and it all went down the drain.

At the same time these questions still remain and I hope that someone reading this will be in a position to answer:

  1. Can you please explain the apparent contradiction between the Laws on educational requirement as it appears on the official website and the C plain requirement at the US embassy, Nairobi?
  2. Where does the law requiring a C plain appear in writing on the laws creating the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program?
  3. When did the Educational requirement at The US embassy, Nairobi change and was the public notified of the change?
  4. Does every American embassy around the world have its own laws and requirements on the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program?
  5. Does Kentucky Consular Center books an appointment at an American embassy or consulate for people who don't meet the requirements? Would they even process the case to begin with?

I do sincerely hope that this will be an eye opener to anyone out there oblivious to what is going on at the US embassy Nairobi Kenya.

By Gabriel Nganga (

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Original Author: 
Gabriel Nganga
Regina Njogu's picture
Regina Njogu

The part in red is what the other part of the regulation that follows what you have reproduced states. I am reproducing the entire paragraph to get the correct meaning;. The regulations state as follows;

" A high school education or equivalent is defined as successful completion of a twelve-year course of elementary and secondary education in the United States or successful completion in another country of a formal course of elementary and secondary education comparable to a high school education in the United States".

Apparently, the US embassy in Nairobi has determined that a high school education in Kenya comparable to US GED  is completion of KCSE with no grade lower than a C. Your friend should have asked to submit proof of two years work experience and in fact the interviewing officer should have asked her if she had proof of that.

Your recourse should have been to write to the US Department of State under which US consulates fall and request an 'advisory opinion on the matter'. It is not too late to obtain such an advisory opinion for the sake of future cases.

I think the US embassy's position is ridiculous. Kenyans with High school education get admitted to Havard, MIT and other prestigious schools and do way better than the Americans. The embassy's position is a disdain for Kenyan education.

Unfortunately, it seems like it might be too late because of the September 30th cut off date.

Disclaimer; This is not legal advice, but a layman's response to a question.

Regina Njogu's picture

Thank you Regina. Now thats what we call inteligentia advice. People were just beating about the bush and confusing us even more. Thats loud and clear.

Regina Njogu's picture

I was also a victim like her. I went for my interview in May, i had a D plain but i had an experience of more than ten years in a qualified occupation but my visa was denied. Unfortunately i went for the interview with my family of four which cost us 280,000/= I really don't know what they are looking .  The Kenya Government should intervene coz this is too much.


I have read through everything I can find on the grade changes as i have a family of four scheduled on Sep 12 2012, the main applicant with a D plain but this is the only valuable info I have got. I advised my family to call the embassy in Nairobi for clarification on the grade requirement before they walk straight into this den.

In this age, where transparency  transcends all virtues, one would assume the US government and its embassies would provide specific guidelines to avoid applicants wit below C plain loosing their hard earned money. In this digital age any changes can be made at a click of a button but it seems there is no transparency on this matter.

I am willing  to run an advert on the daily nation or any other public media outlet to create awareness to unsuspecting applicants in Kenya. Any assist on the same will be highly appreciated. Thanks.


Regina Njogu's picture

pliz pliz dont even think of going for the medical or interview, i went for the interview on 25 June and i passed the interview but my friend was denied on 28 Thursday due to low KCSE grades he had a c-. Don't waste the money; the medical is 24000 and interview is  28500. they gave him a red form.

My contacts are +254723316072       email

Regina Njogu's picture

I would like to be part of such initiative. Get in touch with me on the email below and we can see what we do to help unsuspecting Kenyans.


Regina Njogu's picture

Cliff,  You came only once but you did'nt update us whether your family got the visa or not. please updat

Regina Njogu's picture
joeh delight

I know of someone who spent well over Sh300,000 only to be turned down at the interview. The reason, she had a C-.

Regina Njogu's picture
Amos Gitau

Unfortunately, 2 years of work experience cannot guarantee you a visa. At the embassy before you interview, you sign a form that you acknowledge that the fee is non refundable and on that paper for those who have read it is a statement. It is hard for you to get a Diversity Visa based on work experience. So brothers and sisters don't count on that. I have been there and I saw it and I have never met anyone who got a visa based on work experience. The C thing is new though, it never used to be there.

Regina Njogu's picture

If you have less than C plain don't go for medical or interview.

Regina Njogu's picture

There is a company that offers GED exams is called Prometric's International. They have a test center at  Computer Pride Limited 1st Floor, ICEA Building Nairobi.

If one takes the test will the Embassy honor the GED certificates?


Regina Njogu's picture

Dont believe any college is legit just coz they have "international" in the name.

Regina Njogu's picture
Stan Kibet

Hi, its so shocking and discouraging what US Embassy Nairobi are doing. Sincerely this is Robery and Exploitation to Kenyans by the US Embassy Nairobi. I went to  the interview July and they refused to give me the Visa with their reason being I had a C- in KCSE. Okey, it might be true but my big question is,

1. Why didn't they inform Kenyans in advance?

2. Why didn't they include in the Application form?

3. Why didn't they also include in forms DS230 part 1 & 2 and form DSP122?

4. Okey, ashume all those didn't work, Why didn't they announce or publish it in the Newspapers?

5. Why didn't they also leave haandouts at the IOM so tha those filling forms for USA can be given?

6. Again why didnt they inform those doing counselling at the IOM before the Medicals to include the issue of C plain thing?

Personaly I read the instructions very carefully but I dint find somdething like that. What is indicate is

The law creating the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program states:

To qualify for a diversity visa you must have either a high school education or its equivalent, or two years of work experience.

 A high school education means successful completion of a formal course of elementary and secondary education comparable to completion of a twelve-year course in the United States.

Would you pliz advise me on what to do coz so far I have not gone home reason being my family had sacrificed all they had xpecting me to come and help them later. now I have lied and told them am still waiting untill next week coz when I remember how much they have invested on this, I get scared. ie.
1. Pasport      3,400/=
2. police cert  1,500/=
3. Medicals    24,000/=
4. Embassy   28,050/=
5. Miscellaneous

Pliz advice me on what to do or what best I can do?

Would you pliz link me among other to the relevant authority whom we can  seek assistance from.

Kind Regards.

Regina Njogu's picture

Try and sit for a GED in Nairobi. Or use a two year work experience as a qualification. You can appeal for that decision. Thanks.

Regina Njogu's picture
jimmy k

They could not do this because they wanted to steal money from inocent Kenyans.  Kenya USA embassy is creating their own laws. They is no where in the American immigration system that requires anyone to have  a grade qualification for a green card, this idear was probably derived from someone who did not know the law. I hink they should refund all the money they collected from the poor Kenyans.

Regina Njogu's picture


Please review this paper carefully

To qualify for the Diversity visa, you must have graduated from secondary school and passed the KCSE with a minimum of c plain or its equivalent.

Below are the guidelines for educational requirements in Kenya

Degree programs

Admission to bachelor’s degree programs is based on any one of the following minimum qualification:

  1. K.C.S.E.  Mean grade c+ or equivalent.
  2. K.C.S.E MEAN GRADE C- or equivalent plus a certificate and Diploma
  3. O level Division II or equivalent plus a Diploma.
  4. O level Division III or equivalent plus a certificate and diploma
  5. O level division III or equivalent plus a 3 year diploma from a recognized post secondary institution for admission to bachelor of education
  6. Diploma from recognized instituting and aggregate of c in K.C.S.E or equivalent
  7. A level with two principles passes or equivalent in relevant subjects. Only applicants whose results are available at the time of application will be considered.
  8. CPA II/CPS II/CIPS or equivalent for commerce and arts and should have attained  an aggregate of c in K.C.S.E or O level division III
  9. Higher National Diploma in relevant fields and should have attained an aggregate of C in K.C.S.E
  10. Degree From a recognized University

Work experience

You can either apply the diversity program through education or work experience

Qualification for work experience

1. Have a K.C.S.E  certificate
2. Have less than two years work experience with a recognized institution/company

Diversity requirement for Kenyans
1. All school certificate
2. Birth certificate
3. A 6 month valid passport that means a new passport
4. A good conduct certificate from Criminal investigation department

Medical results (only from IOM) Located in 4th ngong avenue upperhill, they have their own panel physician.

Fees required as of DV2012 AND DV 2013
Passport 3,500
Certificate of good conduct 1,000
Medical 25,000 per person
Interview 330$ or 28,000

Passport with Visas are sent through DHL which takes 4 days.

Any more information email

Regina Njogu's picture
Veron Sminya

Quite interesting. But this confirms what I go to know years back. The well advanced countries known as the 1st World Countries take advantage of the fact that the Advancing Countries known as 3rd World Countries are desperate to relocate to their Countries.

They know quite well that Millions won't qualify. If so, what do they let then go through the application Process and pay the Non Refundable Fees ?

The reason is quite clear. Its business as usual. They are not after you going there but they are after your hard earned money. That's why its not worth it throwing your hard-earned money to develop a country that you won't enjoy the benefits.

I truly respect countries who refund the application Fee if you don't qualify.

Be wise !

Regina Njogu's picture

It only takes 2 or more people to hire the services of an attorney/lawyer. Americans respect the law. But you can't fight alone, only an attorney will do reserach and defend you accordingly. Be proactive, get together, pool money and hire a renowned lawyer, not a fake one interested in your money. You will win!

Regina Njogu's picture

And we wonder why they are rich! Kes66,000 plus the other medical (because you go to thier selected hospital) is not little.

Regina Njogu's picture

I'm Dv 2013 winner & I've D plain but b4 turnin down this processing, i would like to know if i can still make it bcoz i've proofs. Guys, when i was doing my K.C.S.E exams i was sick. I even lost my hearin sense during that time so guys do u think that they will issue a visa for me if i present my high school report and the medical forms? Bcoz i used to get A - or B+.

Im looking forward to your replies. Thanks in advance.

Regina Njogu's picture

Hi  Soud, do you rely think that they will care about you being sick? You had the option of re-doing your exam a year later, but i guess it is your money that you will be spending if you try to go ahead anyway.

Regina Njogu's picture

Susan, thank you so much for your quick respond:)

Regina Njogu's picture

soud u cnt get the visa if u got A it doesnt mata wat matas is ur kcse. these people dnt listen. wi dint u do the exam again? do u knw wat they tell u go n do the exam again and apply online again that is 3 years? dnt waste ur money.


Regina Njogu's picture

Ow ok but what if i take GED exams before my interview because i know it will come out earlier than taking KCSE again, so do you think they'll accept it if i passed it?

Regina Njogu's picture


Regina Njogu's picture

Hi souad,

I have some info about the GED. if u want u can email me rozy_mrembo@yahoo hope to hear from u soon.

Regina Njogu's picture

do this guys confirm about the grade ama cert ya river road will pass?

Regina Njogu's picture

My experience with USA embassy in Kenya is that before you start the interview, you will be asked to present all the required documents before making any payments. If for some reason they see a document does not satisfy the requirements, embassy officials will notify you and you will be asked to go and bring what is missing.

In the case of somebody having a grade below C, that is the best time to ask. If they say your certificate is ok, then you will get visa. If not, you will not be required to make any payments, you will be told sorry, you can't take the interview. However, if you insist that your documents are ok after being told no, they will ask you to pay for the interview and then dissapoint you with a negative verdict. As for me, we got DV visa with a D Plain grade, but that is more than 3 years ago. When did the requirement change?

Regina Njogu's picture

Maina u dnt knw wat ur talking about the embassy will never advice you either to continue with the interview or not. So if u have anything wrong they will inform you thro the consular which is the interview session which will have paid for. They are the new rules of immigration 


Regina Njogu's picture

My goodness! it is so sad to hear all these stories. i never knew of that. Thanks for this site. Wow! i think this is injustice for sure. i agree totally with Stan Kibet, every single question he asked above. I am DV2013 winner, i dont know yet where my fate lies concerning the interview. Even though i obtained C+ in my KCSE, i have one year work experience. Benter you are right, there is a need of being proactive and not just reactive to find a solution to this; actually what we are alldoing here is proactive; it is the first step, i guess attorney would as you said.

Regina Njogu's picture

you are qualified to get your diversity visa as you have c plus. you do not need work experience

Regina Njogu's picture

Hi Maggie,

You do not need to worry if you have a C and above in KCSE. All will be smooth. Just ensure that you maintain consistency in all that you say and do. You also need to have someone who will receive you and guide you as you settle down in the US. IOM also assists in getting cheaper tickets. Their offices are in westlands. I also appeal to all to advise those who are applying for the DV 2014 to be aware of the minimum qualifications of a C so that they do not waste their time and hopes.


Regina Njogu's picture

maggie, you will be fine, trust me when they say its c grade, thats exactly what they will be looking for, i didnt know things changed this much, but the interview fee has also reviewed downwards a great deal, when i went to that window to process my dv visa, 2006, ( 6 years ago) it was 775 dollars just for the interview, it was 150 dollars for the medical exam at sarit center westlands, and another ksh 2000 for chest check still in westlands.I guess i would also ask anybody who maybe fall shot of the grade, not to spend your money and then be turned down, i think its twice traumatic Maggie and others who are processing theirs, let me know how i could help from this other side.  You can reach me at

Regina Njogu's picture

Hi people this is very discouraging i never knew this but someone who went there hinted this but insisted that during my interview i should provide proff of higher education i.e college and work experience.

The course i did in college is Certified Information Communication Technologiest foundation level and about to complete the professional level end of november. It's a Kenya accountants and secretaries examination board (kasneb) and i had a C- in kcse

Will this help?

Regina Njogu's picture

You are good to go dont you worry at all. I was there on 26th of february got the VISA and this is what they give people to read before you pay

Please review this paper carefully

To qualify for the Diversity visa, you must have graduated from secondary school and passed the KCSE with a minimum avarage score of C plain or its equivalent.

Below are the guidelines for educational requirements in Kenya

Diploma Courses

Admission to Diploma courses is based on any one of the following minimum qualification:
i) KCSE mean grade C.
ii) KCSE mean grade C- or equivalent plus a certificate.
iii) An 'O' level qualification with a minimum division III or equivalent
iv) An 'O' level qualification with a minimum of two subsidiary passes or equivalent.

Degree Programs
Admission to Bachelor's degree program is based on any one of the following minimum qualification
1.K.C.S.E. Mean grade c+ or equivalent.
2.K.C.S.E MEAN GRADE C- or equivalent plus a certificate and Diploma
3.O level Division II or equivalent plus a Diploma.
4.O level Division III or equivalent plus a certificate and diploma
5.O level division III or equivalent plus a 3 year diploma from a recognized post secondary institution for admission to bachelor of education
6.Diploma from recognized instituting and aggregate of C in K.C.S.E or equivalent
7.A level with two principles passes or equivalent in relevant subjects. Only applicants whose results are available at the time of application will be considered.
8.CPA II/CPS II/CIPS or equivalent for commerce and arts and should have attained an aggregate of c in K.C.S.E or O level division III
9.Higher National Diploma in relevant fields and should have attained an aggregate of C in K.C.S.E
10. P1 from a two year post secondary training institution for entry into Bachelor of Education with a minimum KCSE mean grade C or 'O' level Division III
11.Degree From a recognized University

For all the doubting Thomases the scanned document is down here!! i wish you SUCCESS and dont ever listen to negative people just follow your heart and trust GOD.

Get the scanned copy from the Consulate here
OR here

Regina Njogu's picture

Hi makiki,

Thank you very much for that information concerning the issue of C PLAIN requirement. I have already applied for the DV last year and results will be out on may this year. Kindly assist me also in the issue of AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT and BANK STATEMENT.



Regina Njogu's picture

No you dont need those documents(AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT and BANK STATEMENT). The only thing you need is an address of your HOST in the US.

Regina Njogu's picture


Thanks alot for sharing this virtual information to us.


Regina Njogu's picture

Thanks alot makiki for sharing that virtual information


Regina Njogu's picture

how was ua interview experience.... am sailling on da same boat but FY2014 c- and Diploma (2years) ua say please..

Regina Njogu's picture

ya ur gud with tat so carry the certificate original and photocopy also if u have work experiense go also with tat.

Regina Njogu's picture

If one has a C- in KCSE and has a Degree and yet to recieve a Masters in a months time with 10years of working experience from a recognised institution can the embassy deny a Visa because of the C-? and could Edwin clarify where he got the above grades on DIVERSITY VISA NOTICE FOR PRINCIPAL APPLICANTS

Regina Njogu's picture

i went 4 the interview and i was lucky to get the viza but b4 i got in theewas a fom i signed 4 non refundable cash n on it theewas apart written that the minimum gade was D plain not c,soi dont get it, bt maadvice is b4 spending all that  cash jst inquie frm the embassy

Regina Njogu's picture

Nelly when did you do your interview? You must have done your interview for DV2011 or the previous because i understand that DV2012 onwards someone has to have a C plain but there are cases that they give visas thats why am asking especially if one has a Degree and a Masters with work experience i dont think whether this person is the same as one with just a C- and a Diploma with no experience. One also gets qualified with work experience as they wrote on their eDv entry. Clarification willl do some of us good. 

Regina Njogu's picture

Nelly, when did you go for your interview?? Because your English is pathetic, cannot even pass  the customs clearance if at all am on duty. What was your grade again?? This are the sex grades we talk about every now and then that are eroding our learning institutions. FYI this blog site is read by all including intelectuals and scholars. You are not texting your BF.

Regina Njogu's picture

Don, what the beef for, furthermore am A class material if u dont get ma short form meza wembe; n i did pass the customs clearance atleast am there unlike you! so b4 your talk think 1st  "mr. know all"

Octavia, i did my interview on last year aug i was DV2010.I didnt have problem coz ma grades were okay and i had degree, i wish you all the best remember you will b asked all what you filled on the first letter.

Regina Njogu's picture

Thanks Nelly! By the grace of God i will be joining you soon.

Regina Njogu's picture


You got a degree yes, but its a sex degree. Miss know it all!!

Regina Njogu's picture

mmmmmh got no wordz,but i guess your brain is full of craps, mr pathetic

Regina Njogu's picture

Hi Guys, I have never been to the U.S. Consulate but I have been to the UK,and others and the story is the same. I have now been used to geeting my mind of going abroad and am now focusing on building a better Kenya. Please guys lets just work hard to build our country.We don t need to go there to make it and plus life is very hard out there.

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