Narc presidential candidate Martha Karua has declared her wealth, saying that her possessions total Sh56m. Listing her properties, Karua said her Nairobi home is worth Sh40m and her car Sh6m. She added that she owns half an acre of land in Tigoni estimated to be worth another 10 million.

She made the declaration as she received the certificate allowing her to run as Narc flag bearer in the March 4 polls.

The former Gachungu Member of Parliament has urged other aspirants to do the same so that Kenyans can hold them accountable.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga has hit out at Jubilee Alliance leaders Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto saying that they should be ready to return looted property.

He noted that the duo should live to the responsibility that comes with the Jubilee year as stipulated in the Bible.

“They have land they acquired illegally and they should be ready to surrender it,” he added.

Raila, who was winding up his tour of Western Province, was with his running mate, Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka.

The bloodletting in Tana Delta may be linked to scramble for fertile soils by multi-nationals besides animosity between local communities.

Local leaders and residents now blame the sporadic violence on external forces out to drive the communities out of the area and take their land.

On Saturday, some leaders from Orma, Wardei and Pokomo communities alleged that the violence was not a fight between farmers and pastoralists.

Former Ambassador Hussein Dado said the attacks were the work of outsiders who did not mean well for the locals.

Three Meru County MPs led by Energy Minister Kiraitu Murungi have urged the European Union to rescind a decision to ban export of miraa to their markets, saying it will affect farmers.

The legislators assured farmers that they would safeguard the Sh9 billion sector using all available avenues. The leaders said they had already initiated dialogue with the Netherlands Embassy in Nairobi over the matter.

Kiraitu said once the county government was in place, such negotiations would be hastened since the county administration would deal with the matter directly.

Narc Kenya presidential hopeful Martha Karua has dismissed a recent opinion poll by Infotrack research firm putting her party’s popularity in the race to State house at 0.3 per cent.

Karua claimed the researchers were hoodwinking the public to tilt perception towards financiers of the research and vowed she will not recognise the pollsters.

“I cannot accept the results of a research that has been financed by my competitors to be the perception of Kenyans. My opinion poll is with Kenyans and the results will be known after March 4,” said Karua.

Failure by Parliament to enact the law compelling parties and candidates to declare sources of their campaign funds has created an avenue for illicit cash, with allegations emerging some political deals are settled for as high as Sh11 billion.

In a situation that bears a semblance of money-laundering, this year’s election campaigns promise to be the most expensive as politicians craft unions that were three months ago unimaginable.

Kenyan activists will hold a peaceful procession on Wednesday that they have dubbed The State Funeral. They have invited Kenyans from all walks of life on Wednesday, 16th January 2013 at 10am, at Uhuru Park’s Freedom Corner to give the members of parliament the golden handshake they deserve.

Parliament officially closes on Tuesday 15th and the following day they shall deliver 221 coffins one for each outgoing Member of Parliament.

The Obama administration will begin a push for immigration reform this month, the Huffington Post quoted an unnamed administration official as saying in an article on Jan. 2. The specifics of the potential bill are far from clear, however. Democrats have expressed a desire for a bill for comprehensive reform, from immigration assistance for undocumented workers to policy changes seeking to promote foreign investment in U.S. housing.

Kenya has imported "very large quantities of Iranian ammunition," some of which has been transferred to civilian militias in Turkana, Uganda and what is now South Sudan, according to a group of independent arms-tracking experts.

Their report, published last month by Conflict Armament Research, names Iran as the manufacturing source of previously unidentified ammunition supplied to Kenyan security forces.

The UK-based NGO estimates the shipments from Iran to Kenya as "probably in the range of millions of rounds."

The Kenyan Daily Post has revealed the list of greedy MPs who passed the hefty send off package bill that could have cost the taxpayer an extra Sh2.6 billion in funding their lavish lifestyles after their retirement on March 4th.

The retired package, which President Kibaki declined to ascend on Saturday, provided for among other things state funerals for all MPs who served in the 10th parliament, an armed bodyguard, access to VIP lounges at all Kenya's airports, and Sh9.3 million in cash for each MP who served in the 10th Parliament.

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