Deputy President William Ruto has sent a demand letter to the Nation Media Group (NMG) over a story that ran on the May 19 issue of the Sunday Nation, alleging he spent Sh100 million of taxpayers’ money to hire a luxury jet.

Ruto said the media group must issue an apology, admit liability for libel within seven days and retract the false story because of the harm it caused him after publication.

President Uhuru Kenyatta says views of Western countries will not distract his Government from discharging its duties.

Speaking after it emerged US President Barrack Obama would skip the country in his tour of Africa, President Uhuru said his immediate concern was to fulfil pledges he made to Kenyans.

“Our main concern is to work hard and uplift the economy. We are going to work so well until our foreign detractors are amazed,” he said.

While reiterating his earlier stand on MPs’ salaries, Uhuru urged Kenyans to tell MPs to their faces the move is ill-timed.

Kenya Investment Authority in a bid to scale up engagement with diaspora Kenyans.

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Electronics suppliers say the State needs at least Sh50 billion to implement the Jubilee Government’s pledge to distribute laptops to all Standard One pupil’s by first term next year.

The funds will however only be used to purchase the needed basic hardware for all the estimated 1.5 million children expected to be enrolled in class one next year.

Samsung Electronics estimates that each solar-powered laptop may cost some Sh35,000, translating to a whopping Sh50 billion. But the Government may negotiate lower prices considering the economies of scale.

A law passed by the 10th parliament may provide a leeway for MPs to annul the Salary and Remuneration Commission ( SRC) legal notice that slashed the MPs pay to Shs532,000.

The Statutory Instruments Act 2013, gives parliament the mandate to declare any gazette or legal notice null and void and also powers to revoke it if it was not done in accordance to the law.

The Act which was published on the January 25 this year gives Parliament jurisdiction to review all legal notices from the August 27, 2010; the date of the promulgation of the new constitution. 

Government spokesman, Muthui Kariuki

Kenya has played down the decision by US President Barrack Obama to snub it once again on his scheduled tour of Africa, saying it was “fine”.

Government spokesman Muthui Kariuki told AFP that Kenya was not worried or concerned by Obama’s decision since the US leader was free to visit wherever he wanted.

Kenya at the same time rejected claims that he would bypass the country due to the upcoming trials at the International Criminal Court (ICC) against President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto for alleged crimes against humanity.

A Senate panel on Tuesday approved legislation to give millions of illegal immigrants a path to citizenship, setting up a spirited debate next month in the full Senate over the biggest changes in immigration policy in a generation.

President Barack Obama, who has made enactment of an immigration bill one of his top priorities for this year, praised the Senate Judiciary Committee's action, saying the bill was consistent with the goals he has expressed.

The Delamere family is for first time in more than 100 years subdividing its Sh5 billion Naivasha-based estate as part of a succession plan involving grandsons of the settler farmer.

The aristocrats have registered a new company, Ngombe Limited, to inherit some 1,680 steers and 792 cows in his stable and a separate entity to hold its real estate property.

Each steer is estimated to cost Sh65,000 while a cow is priced at Sh140,000, meaning the company is starting with an asset base of about Sh215 million.

Senior Government officials and politicians are among hundreds of Kenyans recommended for prosecution in the explosive report of the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) released yesterday.

President Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto are among those adversely mentioned over the 2007 post- election violence for which they face trial at the International Criminal Court. No action is recommended against them.

A task force comprising officials from the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Labour and National Planning as well as representatives of the Kenya Federation of Employers and other stakeholders are in a three-day retreat at the Aberdare country club in Nyeri county where they are finetuning the document to guide Kenya on how to address the concerns of the three million Kenyans living and working in the Diaspora and who are said to contribute five per cent of the country's GDP before it is handed over to the cabinet for approval.

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